David H Allan and our Sustainability Commitments

The principles of sustainability are at the heart of our business culture at David H Allan.

We believe that we all have a part to play in protecting our environment and we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.  

The principles of sustainability are at the heart of our business culture and are communicated to both staff and our suppliers, forming an essential part of the long term vision of the company. Our environmental commitments are integral to the daily running of our business.

Our aims to increase recycling, minimise waste, reduce our carbon footprint and more efficiently manage how we run our business are just the start of our efforts to reduce our impact.

We have established a clearly defined list of sustainability objectives, with robust processes and procedures in place to ensure that they are met at every stage. Processes are also monitored and reviewed periodically.

We are committed to achieving the following sustainability objectives:-

  • Managing our processes and activities to eliminate and significantly reduce any negative impact on the environment from our operations.
  • Continuing our commitment to recycling and reaching our waste management and waste minimisation targets.
  • Responsibly sourcing all materials, and maximising the efficient use of materials through value engineering.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint and carrying out responsible travel planning to sites to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Cutting our water consumption and use techniques that minimise energy usage and wastage on our sites.
  • Continual investment in, and maintenance of, plant and technology to ensure optimum productivity levels.
  • Working in a collaborative manner with our clients and supply chain to maximise resource efficiency and minimise waste.
  • Employing local labour and sub-contractors to ensure local communities benefit from our company’s operations, including providing apprenticeships.

Our Environmental Policy provides the backbone to our commitments and it is communicated to all our employees and those who work with us to ensure its success. Training is provided and regular updates are given to our teams to ensure that they keep abreast of the rapid pace of change in environmental related issues.

>Download our Environmental Policy (PDF)

>Download our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (PDF)

>Download our Waste Minimisation Policy (PDF)

Our policies are reviewed annually and the targets set within them are reviewed and reported on regularly to make sure we are providing the necessary resources to meet them.