Refurbishment Division

David H Allan specialise in the refurbishment of several types of buildings across a wide range of industry sectors

Our experience of refurbishment of existing buildings covers all of the industry sectors that we work in. We carry out refurbishment works in buildings new and old, including listed buildings which require conservation works. 

Strong CV of Refurbishment Works in Occupied Buildings

Most of our refurbishment projects require working in buildings which are occupied by the users when the building must remain business as usual throughout the duration of our works. 

We fully understand the complexities of working in a live environment and we always have careful planning in place to ensure that our scheduling of works poses minimal disruption to the client’s normal operations. Our staff ensure they have all required measures in place to work effectively and safely. We always work as a team with the users and the client to ensure minimal disruption is caused to surrounding areas and to people during our works. 

We pride ourselves on our strong communication with clients and users, keeping an open dialogue going from start to finish to ensure they understand all stages of our project delivery and also to ensure that our project teams adapt to the client’s operations that are underway in the building that we are working in. 

We hold a strong project portfolio in refurbishment works in lots of different types of buildings across all our sectors. 

Visit our sectors and live projects page to see a selection of our work.

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